Welcome to Ryan Reynolds Online. We are one of the largest and most comprehensive fansites dedicated to the most amazing actor, Ryan Reynolds. You might know Ryan from 'Two Guys and Girl and a Pizza Place" and his upcoming movie "The Green Lantern". We have a large gallery filled with thousands of photos of the man himself. Enjoy the site and if you would like to donate anything please do so by emailing me.
Movie Quotes

Here are some great quotes from Ryans Movies.

The Proposal 2009

Andrew Paxton: Don’t take this the wrong way.
Margaret Tate: OK.
Andrew Paxton: You are a very, *very* beautiful woman.

Margaret Tate: I am not getting in that boat!
Andrew Paxton: Fine, see you in three days.
Margaret Tate: You know I can’t swim!
Andrew Paxton: Hence… the *boat*.

Margaret Tate: What am I allergic to?
Andrew Paxton: Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion.

Andrew Paxton: [sarcastically] You can do this, but that would require you to stop snacking on children while they dream.

X-Men Origins – Wolverine 2009

Wade Wilson: Great. Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet.
William Stryker: Oh, Wade.
Wade Wilson: Dreams really do come true.
William Stryker: Just shut it! You’re up next.
Wade Wilson: Thank you, sir. You look really nice today. It’s the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes.
Logan: Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up, pal?
Wade Wilson: No. Not when I’m awake.

Wade Wilson: I love this weapon more than any other thing in the whole wide world, and you wanna know why?
Victor Creed: No.
Wade Wilson: It’s memorable. Sure it’s a little bulky, tough to get on a plane. You whip out a couple of swords at your ex-girlfriends wedding. They will never, ever forget it.
Victor Creed: That’s funny Wade, but I’ve think you’ve mistaken me with someone who gives a shit.
Wade Wilson: Granted, it’s probably not as intimidating as having a gun, or bone-claws or the fingernails of a bag-lady… Manicure?

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